Yoga Barre Fusion class #10

with MaryJoanna Grisso

No Equipment Required

59 Min
Level 1

About this Class

Rapid body changing benefits with low impact. Full body blend of small isometric movements, stretching, pilates, yoga and resistance strength training for all ages and fitness levels that burns fat, builds long, lean muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture. Can be done daily.

No equipment required


Always something new and different for women and men at all fitness and experience levels interested in building strength and flexibility.  Our instructors create fun, body changing workouts focused on working each muscle group to the point of exhaustion, then stretching to aid in quick recovery and the creation of long, lean muscles.  


MaryJoanna Grisso fell in love with yoga ten years ago and has been in love with movement her entire life. As a professional performer and touring artist, she found that she could not go on stage without having prepared the body and the mind. While teaching fitness, she landed the lead role of ""Maria"" in the Broadway National Tour of West Side Story. She shares her angelic voice with her fitness clients when when inspired as she did here at the end of this YOGA BARRE FUSION class. Combining the practice and balance of body and mind has become something that has changed her professional and personal life. Based in New York City, MaryJoanna has used her experience in many types of movements from ballet, jazz, tai chi, barre, Pilates, and yoga to create her classes. She received her 200 hr. yoga teacher training from the beautiful Giving Tree Studio in Astoria, NY where she has offered Chakra Yoga classes, Vinyasa classes, and Yin classes. She often guest barre-tends at Beach Body Barre when visiting Bethany Beach.


  • M T.

    Great class.Please more yoga Barre and with more Barre moves!

  • Al S.

    Great job

  • Alyssa G.

  • Nina S.

    Don't know why this is called barre fusion; it's totally yoga.

  • Alona K.


  • Alona T.

    like this class

  • Daniel Moreno

    Mary Joanna One great video I really like yoga. Thank you

  • Daniel Moreno

  • Daniel Moreno

  • Daniel Moreno

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