Kolby beach barre body class #1

with Kolby Scott

No Equipment Required

60 Min
Level 1

About this Class

Rapid body changing benefits with low impact. Full body blend of small isometric movements, stretching, pilates, yoga and resistance strength training for all ages and fitness levels that burns fat, builds long lean muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture. Can be done daily. https://open.spotify.com/user/124395467/playlist/2GWksLJlUgELsdgMAjdmCA

No equipment required


Always something new and different for women and men at all fitness and experience levels interested in building strength and flexibility.  Our instructors create fun, body changing workouts focused on working each muscle group to the point of exhaustion, then stretching to aid in quick recovery and the creation of long, lean muscles.  


After graduating from University of Colorado with a major in Communications, Kolby Scott fell in love with barre when she moved back to Baltimore and worked at a studio there, which led her to be trained and certified in barre by one of the most respected barre instructors in the area, who was personally trained by the Pure Barre founder in 2006. Her passion for fitness ranges from barre to yoga, running and hiking. Kolby is Beach Body Barre's fan favorite guest barre-tender, who loves the beach and tries to come visit us in Bethany as often as she can around her responsibilities for the Private Equity Team at Brown Advisory located in Fells Point in Baltimore City.


  • nscerbo_16611

    Exercises are very good and not beginner as level 1 implies. What’s not good is that video frames the entire class and you can’t see the positions and alignment. Instructor rarely corrects other students bad positions. She should be front and center, really close to camera, and forget most of the class members.

  • Ivy Mufushwa

    Excellent job

  • Natalie W.

    I am sure this may be easier in class but for me there was too much up and down and really fast. I have knee issues and I love barre and yoga because I can do them usually without pain or minimal pain, but because of the constant mat to bar to mat, my knees could not handle it and also there were no modifications given which is another reason I love barre. I couldn't finish the class and usually I have no issues with that

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