Barre Arms and ABS

with Grace Clackson

No Equipment Required

17 Min
Level 3

About this Class

Our barre classes feature a full-body workout that focus on small isometric movements and combines ballet-based movements, weight conditioning, core-focused exercises, and stretching.

No equipment required


Welcome to Blue Barre! We are a boutique fitness studio offering small group classes in BARRE, TRX, HIIT, SURFSET, POUND, PILOXING and DANCE fitness classes as well as PERSONAL FITNESS training. Our goal is to help you achieve your own fitness level, while having fun in a warm and supportive community.


Grace is the founder and owner of BLUE Barre and Dance Fitness. The creation of the studio stems from her desire to empower women through fitness. She believes that every woman has the ability to feel great and confident about her own body no matter what shape and size. Grace's outlook changed three years ago after a successful kidney transplant. She discovered that exercise was an essential part of her new lease of life and wants to help everyone feel the same way.


  • Maria E.

    Short and sweet. I could feel the work on my arms and abs. Nice sequence, strong work. Really enjoyed it.

  • Maria E.

    Short and sweet.

  • Jessica Z.

    Great workout but it needs to be re-titled. It is legs and abs, there is no arm workout included.

  • Megan G.

    This would be a good cool down to a run. Your instructions are really clear. Thank you!

  • Amy R.

  • Sherree T.

    It's called arms and abs, but I would say its more legs and abs. The whole beginning sequence is squats and lunges then its mostly planks and core work after that. Counting feels rushed, a few times she said to "hold" but instead of holding went straight into the next exercise...or she would be starting the next exercise on the last count of the previous one. It's a decent short ab workout if you only have 15 minutes to spare.

  • Cindy J.

    Pretty good! I didn't end up using the weights/water bottles in this video. I liked how fast paced it was. The changing movements were quick and made me sweat even without any extremely difficult positions. Thanks for the video!

  • Porten Lauren

    Great quick lesson!

  • Rachel_Simpson_51

    Great class!

  • Tabetha Miller

    Great quick workout!

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