Simple Standing Strengthening Yoga

with Carla Moodie

Equipment Required

25 Min
Level 1

About this Class

This class goes through a flow that works on overall strengthening throughout the body. The key focus is on core awareness for stability and balance. A brief awareness is during the warm-up. If you feel light headed doing this warm-up either slow it down, or skip it. If you are able to do it, it is revitalizing.

Required equipment

  • Yoga mat


Intuitive Spirit Healing Arts offers a Yoga and Me yoga class for parents and their children (ages 2 years to 5 years). The goal is to give parents more confidence to get his/her practice in even though they have toddlers running around. You are learning to maintain calmness in the mist of toddler chaos.


Carla Moodie has earned her Yoga Teacher Certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and has been sharing the gift of yoga since 2003. She also did 2 years of intensive yoga volunteer programs at Kripalu that focused on the foundation of an authentic yoga practice. In 2009, she earned her certification in Massage Therapy from Kripalu. This gives her a deeper understanding of the body and the necessary paths towards healing. In addition to her holistic background, Carla earned her B.S. degree in Psychology, M.A. work in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College, and studies in Dance Movement Therapy. This knowledge and experience gives her a well-rounded view of what keeps a person happy, healthy, and thriving.


  • Alison C.

    This is a wonderful class to take in the middle of the workday! It feels great to get up and stretch :)

  • Tsu S.

    love the standing yoga, great for outside

  • Lucy Pellegrino

    I liked the class. The birds chirping was a little distracting.

  • Seymoune M.

    love this

  • Kelley Simms

    Great start to the day

  • Alisha Danielle Bales

    Very good video for beginners!

  • Tammy L.

    feel great after this short class just what I needed on a long Friday afternoon.

  • Mary Beth Edwards

    It felt a little slow at first but I realized as a beginner class it needs to be so the poses and breathing can be learned correctly.

  • Monica Talley


  • Ronda Carey

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