Happy Feet :)

with Rick Saggese

Equipment Required

9 Min
Stretch and Restore
Level 1

About this Class

We have 28 bones 30 joints and over 100 muscles in our feet learn to take care of your feet which is the foundation of all of our movement

Required equipment

  • Small Ball
  • Tennis Ball


To provide fun, exciting and effective training protocols to help our audience and clients achieve their fitness and performance goals. We are a big proponent of positive energy, thinking and believing in yourself is an aspect we instruct as we motivate you to push past your limitations that might be holding you back to get you the results you want. Strength without the mobility needed to use it is a fallacy. Flexibility without the strength to control it is a liability.


Rick has been training for over 20 years helping his clients achieve their fitness goals. We believe when something is fun it's not work and that's our philosophy with our classes "Fun & Fitness". Positive energy with movement is one of the biggest life changes and that's our goal with our training. Rick is an EXOS certified Fitness Specialist as well as being certified to perform the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Y-Balance Test (YBT). He uses FMS prior to the majority of strength and agility training to assess the clients for possible “weak links” associated with their movement patterns. This allows us to individualize specific exercises that will enhance your fitness experience. Rick is also a certified speed and agility coach by the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA).


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