Burn with Hilary & Ashley

with Ashley Banek

No Equipment Required

15 Min
Level 3

About this Class

Crunched for time? No problem! Join us for a 16 minute class that focuses on building a stable, stronger and more powerful core. This class is broken up into two sections with the first half incorporating a fresh twist on traditional crunches and sit-up- s.Then, we’ll fire up the rest of our core, including shoulders, lower back, and glutes with everyone’s favorite isometric exercise, plank! But don’t be fooled—we’ve incorporated some dance-inspired movements to spice up our plank series for that little extra burn!

No equipment required


Capitol Movement’s mission is to build better lives through dance. We provide programs and opportunities for all dancers, regardless of socioeconomic barriers, through studio classes, workshops, outreach, scholarships, and a variety of community engagements. Capitol Movement aims to make dance accessible and affordable in the DC metropolitan area. Utilizing traveling classrooms, we are able to provide quality dance edu- cation to schools and community partners in need of arts education programming. The lessons learned in dance reach far beyond steps and tricks. Through our Adult Dance Company and studio classes, CMI gives local business professionals a creative outlet for their dance passion, where they can empowered through artistry in motion. All our programs build confidence, teamwork, commitment, and discipline, bringing together dancers from all walks of life. Together, we can all build better lives through dance.


Ashley’s love of dance has kept her active and passionate about fitness for over 27 years. Starting with gymnastics and ballet, as every little girl does, Ashley’s love of dance grew into a fitness love affair that extended beyond the studio into the gym—from yoga, boxing and weightlifting to cycling, High-Intensity Training (HIT), and Total Resistance eXercise (TRX). Thanks to years of dance and loving to try new ways to stay fit, she strongly encourages others to strive for active, healthy lifestyles.


  • Maria E.

    Goo ab routine. Great idea to show the instructors from different angles.

  • Alison C.

    OMG my abs! Such a great workout.

  • Monica J.

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