Soul Body Barre 3

with Stacey Vandiver

Equipment Required

60 Min
Level 4

About this Class

One hour, mindfully intense class with the perfect mix of dynamic, isometric and isotonic movements that work deep into the muscle, seamlessly transitioning to deep stretches to balance the body. SB Body Barre uses opposition in the body as well as isometric push and pulls on the Body Bar™ to work deeper into the muscles, creating a more defined body with better balance and posture. Pulling from the principals of Pilates, the wisdom of yoga, the grace of dance and the body sculpting benefits of traditional interval strength training SB Body Barre helps develop dynamic strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and coordination.

Required equipment

  • Body Bar


Soul Body trains instructors in one of the most progressive, cutting-edge, athletic-style barre programs on the market, then take it one step further, offering quarterly choreography. Classes stay fresh, members always know what to except and instructors hit the ground running from the comprehensive training. It creates a win-win situation for both clubs and teachers alike because consistency is the KEY! With continuing education and creative development of new programming, our Soul Body Squad is always on target and coming back for more SOUL! We want members and clients to feel empowered and challenged to transform their body to its fullest potential!


Stacey Vandiver has always thought of fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle. She is Pilates trained and believes that this training has allowed her to create a method of BARRE that is functional and results driven. After years of experiencing and learning many different approaches to BARRE, she realized, along with her business partner, Ann Marie Barbour, that there was a need for a comprehensive, more athletic style approach to BARRE that was choreographed to ensure there was consistency in clubs and studios alike. Stacey & Ann Marie are excited to see the incredible growth of Soul Body and the expansion of their SQUAD…together building a dynamic BARRE community!


  • Karen K.

    It was good !

  • Laura C.

    Great workout

  • Jennifer G.

    Loved it! It was challenging and was similar to the in-person class Im used to.

  • nscerbo_16611

    Good range of movements. Stacy give clear instruction. Would like even more challenge

  • kathie w.

    Great class

  • Maria E.

    LOVE this class. The little isometric movements really make the muscles work big time. Great moves for sure. After doing a lot of high impact and cardio routines for years, I've found that barre is a much better option for someone like me, in my 50s and with not very good knees.Really grateful for discovering the benefits of barre through BurnAlong!!

  • Jacqueline P.

    awesome work out while on vacation!

  • karen w.


  • karen p.

    I love this class. It's just like the ones at my gym. I wish burnalong had more one hour classes like this one. Btw, Stacey is a great instructor. Very clear.

  • Jaime Dino


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