SoulBody Power 2018

with Stacey Vandiver

Equipment Required

35 Min
Level 3

About this Class

SoulBody Power is a 30 minute cardio blast that combines HIIT blocks with body-toning BARRE exercises to create that “perfect burn”! Think Bootcamp meets BARRE! Get a full-body work-out that keeps the heart pumping while strengthening and toning muscles and building a strong core. No props for this class…just your mind, body and soul!

Required equipment

  • Yoga mat


Soul Body trains instructors in one of the most progressive, cutting-edge, athletic-style barre programs on the market, then take it one step further, offering quarterly choreography. Classes stay fresh, members always know what to except and instructors hit the ground running from the comprehensive training. It creates a win-win situation for both clubs and teachers alike because consistency is the KEY! With continuing education and creative development of new programming, our Soul Body Squad is always on target and coming back for more SOUL! We want members and clients to feel empowered and challenged to transform their body to its fullest potential!


Stacey Vandiver has always thought of fitness and healthy eating as a lifestyle. She is Pilates trained and believes that this training has allowed her to create a method of BARRE that is functional and results driven. After years of experiencing and learning many different approaches to BARRE, she realized, along with her business partner, Ann Marie Barbour, that there was a need for a comprehensive, more athletic style approach to BARRE that was choreographed to ensure there was consistency in clubs and studios alike. Stacey & Ann Marie are excited to see the incredible growth of Soul Body and the expansion of their SQUAD…together building a dynamic BARRE community!


  • Maria E.

    Stacey does not disappoint. Dynamic, challenging, lots of cardio. Great workout.

  • Sara C.

  • Katheryn A.

  • Gayla G.

    1st time taking this class and it's intense but great full body! I need more room than my bedroom so likely didn't maximize to full potential. I'll definitely take again

  • beverly wolfe

    Great push. Strongly and safely done. Saved as a favorite

  • Beth C.

    This class is perfect for an at-home workout! No props required (except a mat or comfortable flooring). I love the alternating Tabata - Strength Training, it's a perfect mix. Modifications for any and all fitness levels are available. The video quality is one of the best I've seen on burnalong, and the instructor is clear, concise and makes it easy to follow along. A GREAT workout!

  • kathie wachs

    Great class

  • Burnie T.

    Great class!

  • Olysha Magruder

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