ARMS ARE AMAZING - How To - 30 Day Fitness Challenge

with Heather Gidusko

Equipment Required

10 Min
Level 3

About this Class

This the Instructional How To for the I AM AWESOME and MY ARMS ARE AMAZING, 30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout!!! Be sure to watch and do this as many times as you need to before jumping in to the daily workout! Also please don’t hesitate to ask me, Heather Gidusko for further modifications if needed! Let’s do this!!!

Required equipment

  • Dumbbells


Sweat Like A Girl is the place to find the most innovative fitness programs specifically designed for women. It is a place where women of all sizes, ages, shapes, and cultural backgrounds can come together and experience awesome workouts, in addition to feeling great about themselves and each other! At Sweat Like A Girl you will be motivated to give your 100% through challenging workouts, while receiving all the support you need for success! We have weekly classes with almost every format you can imagine! Cardio, Strength, Dance, Pole, Hoop, Yoga, Pilates, Cycle, Bootcamp, Suspension Training and Barre!!!! And the best part, all of our classes are for every ability and level; so we are truly a unique community of women who encourages each other to go beyond our comfort zones while not worrying about what the chick next to us is doing! Fitness should be fun - life should be full of fabulous experiences!! Attend Sweat Like A Girl classes and you will leave feeling fulfilled, fabulous and fit!! Develop a Strong Feminine Body, Re-Energize your Spirit, Build Self-Confidence, Sweat Like A Girl!


Heather Gidusko is a true leader in the fitness profession. Her passion for helping others and her knowledge of all aspects of physical, mental and emotional fitness have allowed Heather to excel as a fitness professional over the last 20 years! Heather attained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 1998. She is certified with ACE, AFAA and also holds countless specialty certifications. Heather also has worked as a Master Trainer for many international fitness companies including Savvier Fitness, Lebert Fitness and Flirty Girl Fitness. She has presented at many fitness conferences all over the United States and she has also appeared and starred in Fitness DVDs. Heather Gidusko stands out in a sea of fitness trainers due to her exuberant and over the top energy which is coupled with a true desire to help every person feel successful not only in fitness but in life! Heather is a true cheerleader and that is no understatement as she is a former NFL cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. Additionally, Heather has also worked for the Dirty Girl Mud Run, as the MC and Warm-Up Crowd Rouser at events in PA, NY, NJ and CO. Heather Gidusko now devotes most of her time to her amazing and awesome gym Sweat Like A Girl. She is the creative mind, the owner and lead instructor at her gym in Nazareth Pennsylvania where she specializes in helping women feel totally awesome!!!! Heather has won local awards as Best Trainer, Best Group Fitness Class, Power Person and most recently was featured in a local magazine which highlighted the success of her gym and teaching style. At her gym she teaches over 15 group fitness classes a week, instructs (SGT) Small Group Training, coaches Team Training for varsity athletes, personal trains and manages the entire gym. If you are ever in the area look her up at Heather’s future goals for Sweat Like A Girl is to expand her brand across the country!! Heather also has free monthly fitness challenges called I AM AWESOME AND I SWEAT LIKE A GIRL. She posts regularly in her free FB Awesome group to provide motivation for women to keep going. This challenge group has proved to be life changing for many women! Heather Gidusko is also the proud Mommy of 3 amazing children and has been happily married for close to 20 years! She has always found a way to make fitness an integral part of her life while raising 3 children and being a wife. Balancing family and running a fitness business isn’t always easy and she is far from perfect! But what she lacks in perfection, she makes up for it with passionate enthusiastic love for life! Experience the awesome workouts with Heather on Burnalong!!!


  • Stepan F.


  • Maria Greenidge

    Great workout

  • Ciro Mendez

    I will like to see do it with us!

  • Alona Kotlyarskiy

    Great class

  • Zuleima Tamayo


  • Katie Fitzgerald

    Love it and can’t wait to start.

  • Kimberly McGann-Hertzer

    Great workout

  • Imani Marcel

    I’m not usually an, “arm workout” kind of person. But, this was cool.

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